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Lawdragon Lawyer Limelights Features Attorney Randi McGinn of Athea Trial Lawyers

Attorney Randi McGinn is the founder of Athea Trial Lawyers, a trial law firm with a nationwide presence and reputation for legal excellence. In recognition of her years of practice experience and continual successes in difficult cases, Lawdragon recently highlighted Attorney McGinn in its popular Lawyer Limelights series.

In the Lawdragon article – titled “Fueling Your Inner Badass, With Randi McGinn” – Attorney McGinn was interviewed to discuss the history of her legal career, hot topics currently circulating the world of personal injury litigation, and more. To begin, Randi shared that when she first graduated from law school, the number of female trial attorneys was few and far between. Rather than being discouraged by the lack of many mentors, she dug her heels in and decided she would just have to become one herself. As her wins quickly added up, her reputation grew exponentially, and tales of her exploits in tough trial cases spread far, including one case in which she grilled a government informant during a cross-examination so intense that he vomited on the stand. Although not the most charming courtroom moment, it was perhaps one of the most real because getting to the truth for the wrongfully injured is rarely pretty—but it must be done.

As the title of the article suggests, it also touched upon the “Find Your Inner Bad Ass” course that Attorney Randi McGinn has taught for more than six years. She remembers the days when she felt like she had no role models and no law firm would listen to her, so she strives to teach young female lawyers about perseverance that is rooted in the ability to listen to and believe in themselves. In Randi’s words, “When you start practicing law, you have to get this lawyer image out of your head so that you can be yourself. That's very difficult when you first start because you're trying to learn the rules and you're imitating other lawyers. When I started, there were only male role models. The course is really encouraging people to be their authentic selves and to not be afraid of that. It’s teaching women that not only can you do this stuff, but you can do it better than the guys can do it.”

The article also spoke of Attorney Randi McGinn’s deliberate collaborative approach to building a law firm, legal team, and individual client cases. Randi understands that by working together, rather than competing against each other, attorneys from one firm can do better and more for clients in need.

In the interview featured in the article, Attorney McGinn focused on major challenges on the horizon for plaintiff personal injury attorneys nationwide. Specifically, the trucking industry and corporate medicine industry are being targeted by more and more lawsuits for negligence, and the legal departments of both are ramping up their efforts to avoid liability. Trial lawyers everywhere will need to pay attention to these industries and their tactics – like classifying new, untrained truck drivers as independent contractors, not employees – to better represent the wave of clients that is sure to form soon.

From the entire Athea Trial Lawyers team, we want to thank Lawdragon for highlighting Attorney Randi McGinn in its Lawyer Limelights series. If you would like to read the entire article, including a full interview with Attorney McGinn, you can click here to visit the official Lawdragon website. If you want to know more about Athea Trial Lawyers or see if our firm can help with a claim or lawsuit of your own, call (800) 664-0161 to get in touch with our nationally-recognized trial law firm.